SVN Notes

Creating a svn repository

Create the svn repository where all the files and different versions will be kept:

svnadmin create /www/svn/myproject

Add directories for your main trunk and tags, and branches:

sudo svn mkdir file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk \
file:///www/svn/myproject/branches \
file:///www/svn/myproject/tags \
-m "Adding standard subversion directory structure"

Double check your repository by listing what is in your repository:

svn list file:///www/svn/myproject/

Look at your repository info:

svn info file:///www/svn/myproject/

Import an existing project into your repository:

cd /www/myproject/
cd ..
svn import myproject/ file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk -m "Importing my project"

Double check your repository:

svn list file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk

Check out your repository to the working directory:

rm -rf /www/myproject/*
cd /www/myproject/
svn co file:///www/svn/myproject/trunk .

Working with your checked out copy

Add a file and commit it to the repository:

cd /www/myproject
touch my-test-file.txt
svn add my-test-file.txt
svn commit . -m "Added the my-test-file.txt"

Rename a file and commit changes:

cd /www/myproject
svn mv my-test-file.txt my-test-file2.txt
svn commit . -m "Renamed my-test-file.txt to my-test-file2.txt"

Delete a file and commit changes:

cd /www/myproject
svn rm my-test-file2.txt
svn commit . -m "Deleted my-test-file2.txt"

List the changes locally and in the repository:

svn status -u

Making tags or branches:

svn copy -m "Notes about the project, r<revision-number-before-change>"

To switch your working copy to the new branch you just made:

svn switch \

Merging changes from another branch or trunk

Before merging you should commit any of your current changes so that you can revert back to your current state if the merge doesn’t go well.

Go to your working copy and then use the version numbers one above the one where you made the changes you want to merge in and then use the last revision number where you made the changes. Then put the path to repository you are merging from. After you run the following command it shows what changes it made to your working copy. Make sure it made the correct changes and if it did you can then commit those changes to the branch or trunk that your current working copy is checked out from.


svn merge -r 20:22 file:///www/svn/cms/trunk

If you mess up you can always run svn revert --recursive .

Using svn over ssh

If you want to checkout your repository from another computer you can use:

svn+ssh://hostname/path/to/repos instead of file:///path/to/repos/

Undoing a bad commit

If you make a commit and it’s reverse number was 4 and you want to undo the bad commit you can do the following in your local copy.

svn merge -r 4:3 file:///www/svn/project/trunk