Django Celery Notes

Celery Task Query Alert Script

If you want to receive an email alert if your Celery task queue backed by Redis gets too high, you could add the following to a directory like, /user/local/scripts/

#!/usr/bin/env python

import subprocess
import smtplib

EMAIL_HOST = 'localhost'
EMAIL_SUBJECT = "WARNING: Your celery task queue is too high"
EMAIL_FROM = "root@localhost"
EMAIL_TEXT = "Your celery task queue currently has %(task_queue_count)s tasks in the queue, which is over the max queue count of %(max_queue_count)s."

out = subprocess.check_output(['redis-cli', 'llen', 'celery'], stderr=subprocess.STDOUT)
task_queue_count = int(out.strip())
max_queue_count = 6

if task_queue_count >= max_queue_count:
    EMAIL_BODY = "\r\n".join((
        "From: %s" % EMAIL_FROM,
        "To: %s" % EMAIL_TO,
        "Subject: %s" % EMAIL_SUBJECT,
        EMAIL_TEXT % {'task_queue_count': task_queue_count, 'max_queue_count': max_queue_count})
    email = smtplib.SMTP(EMAIL_HOST)
    email.sendmail(EMAIL_FROM, [EMAIL_TO], EMAIL_BODY)

Then setup a cron job for it by adding the following to /etc/cron.d/celery_queue_alert.

*/5 * * * * root /usr/local/scripts/